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Whether it be temporary warehouse power, construction site or powering an event such a wedding or marquee this generator is ideal.
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Our experienced and helpful staff will always be happy to assist you.

Our experienced and helpful staff will always be happy to assist you.

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A power generator has so many uses. You could use it for backup in your home or your business, so when there’s a power surge, it’ll automatically pick. That’s guarantees you an uninterrupted power supply.

You may also have outdoor events like concerts, market days, and such where you need power. A power generator comes in handy.

Buying a power generator is advisable when you have many of these events or if there’s a serious problem with the min power supply and therefore you’re experiencing power outages.

However, hiring a power generator works for most people who want to use the generator as an alternative.

This article outlines a few factors to consider when hiring a power generator.

  1. Your power demands

Power requirement is the first thing you need to consider when hiring a generator. You’re not just hiring any generator for your business or home use; those places have power demands that need to be met. You want to power the HVAC, the fridges, lights, name them. Before you decide on the generator to hire, you have to make sure you know the kilowatts you need.

Get a generator that can sustain the demands for long hours without breaking down. If you overload it, it may break down or spoil your electronics- that could make it a blessing in disguise.

  1. Duration

For how long would you need the generator to power your things? Some generators can do well in three to five hours, while others can even go for 24 hours. Knowing how long you need the machine will help you get a suitable model. The long a generator can run also depends on how many appliances you plugin. Again, the fuel factor comes in here; think about petrol or a diesel generator. Before you decide on which one, you’ve to think of the fuel prices.

For instance, Diesel is more expensive than petrol in Telford, but diesel generators are more powerful. Thus you’ve to weigh between the two; expense and power.

  1. Noise

Who wants to live in a noisy place? Everyone would like to be in an area with minimal noise. You could easily ruin the mood of that garden wedding event with that background droning. And if you’re using the generator in a residential neighborhood, noise is a no-no.

But the good thing is newer models are now designed to produce minimal noise- therefore, it’s not a big deal today.

  1. Space

Where you keep your generator matters, there should be some reasonable distance between the event or your main house and where you keep the generator. If you’re in an outdoor event, make sure it is placed far from the venue, so there’s minimal or no noise. Again, keeping it far from your appliances ensures that in case there’s a problem, it doesn’t interfere.

  1. Your budget

You can’t just go hiring a generator without considering the amount you’re ready to spend. Sometimes you may want a high-power generator with the best features, but the amount required for hire may not allow it. Thus you’ve to go with a smaller generator that can serve the purpose.

When looking for a generator for hire in Telford, take your time and list all your power demands, the appliances you need to be powered, and most importantly, consider your budget. Then look for a Generator Hire Telford company with various generators and hiring at a reasonable fee.

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