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Scissor Lift Genie GS2646…

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This electric scissor lift has a 454kg lift capacity and a 9.8m working height.
Ideal for 2 people to work on as the platform has a width of 1.15m.

Compact scissor lift hire Telford

Scissor Lift Genie GS1932…

Plant Hire Telford

This electric scissor lift has a 227kg lift capacity and a 7.79m working height.
It is a great compact platform ideal for tight working spaces because of its narrow design.

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Our experienced and helpful staff will always be happy to assist you.

Our experienced and helpful staff will always be happy to assist you.

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Factors to consider when hiring a Compact Scissor Lift…

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A scissor lift is a fantastic machine that lifts tools and people using the scissor mechanism. Its work is to raise and lower the aerial work platform to where the work needs to be done. Choosing the scissor lift isn’t about how low or high you need to go, but you need to consider so many other factors.

Following are a few tips to focus on when renting a scissor lift

Rough or Electric Terrain

Scissor lifts can be divided into two categories; rough and electric terrain. Electric scissor lifts are mainly intended for indoor work, although sometimes they are used outdoors powered by a battery. Their dominance on the lower height spectrum makes them suitable for smooth or slab surfaces.

Rough terrain scissor lifts are diesel or gas-powered and can handle rough, muddy, and generally uneven surfaces. They typically have a large working platform and can go up to 50 ft up. You could also go for the less common hybrid scissor-type, switching from diesel to battery and vice versa.

How High Can It Go?

The primary consideration when renting a scissor lift is the vertical reach. The most popular of these are the 19-ft lifts high enough to reach the ceiling and remove ductwork inside any building. The good thing with these lifts is that they can fit in any door, even with guardrails in position- something that larger models can’t do. The narrow width makes them pretty manoeuvrable.

30-ft scissor lifts are common when doing some work around telephone and power lines. Then, the 50-60 ft lifts can reach treetops or even six to seven-story buildings.

The Load and Personnel Limit

There are two load capacities to consider; the weight of the personnel limit and weight capacity. In compliance with OSHA standards, it’s crucial you pay attention to the two. Most importantly, you should never overload the lift; even if you’re way below the total load for the lift, it doesn’t mean you add another worker on the platform.

Capacities will always vary; at the low end, a 10-ft electric scissor could handle a 750-pound load and may be rated for two people. On the other hand, 1500 pounds can be rated up to 6 people.

Scissor Lifts Are Safer Than Ladders.

Scissor lifts feature safety apparatus designed to protect the user or the worker, in this case, against falling and any other accidents. It’s railed around the platform and a gated area where users can mount/ dismount the lift.

Workers are also supposed to wear a safety harness clipped to the railing in case of an emergency.

What Size/ How Big Of Platform Do You Need?

The efficiency of a scissor lift will be determined a great deal by the safety on the job site. If the platform is a wide one, you’ve better access, and there’s not much need for repositioning as the job progresses. But before you hire the lift, you should confirm that you’ve enough space available.

Hiring a scissor lift that perfectly serves your needs should be your primary concern. Check out the clearance of the lift and get a model that can handle rough terrain. This is available in Scissor Lift Hire Telford Company, and the prices range depending on the scissor lift features.

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